Goldberg Variations

Grand Hall of Odesa Philcharmonic, Odesa, Ukraine
18.10.2020 / 19:00
Goldberg Variations

Aleksey Botvinov is the only pianist in the world who has performed Bach's cult masterpiece Goldberg Variations on stage more than 300 times.

On October 18, 2020, on the stage of the Odessa Philharmonic, Maestro Botvinov will perform them for the 315 time. Most recently, Aleksey Botvinov received the Order of the Star of Italy from the President of Italy, honored both for the Odessa Classics festival and for his series of performances at the famous Milan La Scala in 2018. There, the pianist performed exactly the "Goldberg Variations" in a ballet production, the success of the project was extraordinary. Here are some excerpts from the reviews from the Italian press:

  • "... The performance of Alexei Botvinov is like white magic"
  • "Deep and flawless interpretation of the Ukrainian pianist Alexei Botvinov"
  • "The ideal musical structure, confidently created by the hand of Maestro Botvinov"
  • “Ukrainian pianist Aleksey Botvinov is famous for having performed Bach's Goldberg Variations over 300 times. Alexey Botvinov's performance is really flawless ”
  • "A magnificent performance by Alexei Botvinov, a unique pianist who has played Bach's Goldberg Variations more than 300 times"

"Berliner Zeitung" called Botvinov's interpretation "Fireworks at the piano", "Le Figaro" - "Super performance", "Zuricher Zeitung" - "Ideal interpretation".


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